Side Effects of Caffeine

My top concern is the health and well-being of my family. That is why I have decided that  we need to cut down on the stuff we drink or eat that our bodies don’t really need, as well as enhancements that only lead to suffering when all is said and done. For us, one of those things is caffeine. This is a tough one because we love the main effect it gives, which is a good focus on our work and that is why I go back and forth with this. But ultimately, I’d love to just not have it in my life because when I think about all the side effects, I can already tell that it is not worth adding this substance to our system on a daily basis.

Although the effects may vary from per person, here are some side effects of caffeine based on our experience: 

  • The body temperature tends to run cold shortly after caffeine intake.
  • Our body responds to caffeine like how it would if we were in danger, hence the sweaty underarms, palms, and feet.
  • It disrupts the normal function of our nervous system.
  • Because it takes time for caffeine to leave the system, it disrupts sleep.
  • Too much caffeine can make one so anxious, and lose focus.
  • After the boost of energy has worn of, we want more caffeine thinking we can dodge the fatigue that comes after. The fatigue wins regardless of the dose.
  • There is urgency to use the bathroom afterwards
  • If you have an autoimmune disease, it triggers adrenal fatigue and it can make certain body parts hurt as the body’s way of telling us that it’s too much to handle (ex. joint pain)
  • Caffeine is no bueno for our heart and blood pressure. It can cause our heart rates to go up as well as our blood pressure.
  • For women, it can put the “Pain” on our PMS. Click here for more info on this.

The first day of no caffeine consumption is always the hardest if your intake has been regular. It would feel as though you are orbiting space. So trust the process because the next day will always feel a little better knowing that you are making a conscious decision for your health.

Howdee space cadet, we got this!

There are alternative beverages you can have if you are into having a morning beverage, research a good herbal tea that you will enjoy to replace your morning joe, matcha, or energy drink.

In addition there are supplements in the B-vitamin family that can boost your energy without giving you harmful side effects.

I started making lemon water, and do enjoy a warm cup of it.