Are you eating for a good life or do you have “Orthorexia”?

I came across an interesting wellness article entitled: “Orthorexia: When Healthy Eating Becomes Obsessive.” Of course I clicked on it. I am known in our family to be border line obsessive on fresh food vs. factory food and I am often criticized for it.

Orthorexia is defined on the article as, “a dangerous and obsessive preoccupation with eating healthy. In extreme cases, it can become so restrictive that it can chip away at the patient’s relationships, mental health, and physical well-being.” There are a list of questions to ask yourself if you’re showing symptoms of it.

What was forgotten in the article is that a huge part of why we now have to read labels on our food and why a lot of us are careful of what we eat is that there’s been an impact on our health or the health of our loved ones when we didn’t use to care where our food came from.

Some of us have gotten severely ill from the lack of awareness about the local food supply we are getting. Reading food labels is the only way to find out how much preservative, and other laboratory derived ingredients are in our food. Much of these ingredients cannot be processed by people with sensitive systems and may cause moderate to severe allergic reactions.

The fact that there is now a label created for folks who are reading food labels, nutritional facts, and minimizing factory food in their lives just creates another box to put people in.  Another box we don’t really need or do we?

Are we eating healthy so that we can enjoy a good life or are we showing symptoms of Orthorexia?

There are diseases that can be controlled and kept at bay when we watch what we eat. It is a matter of finding what foods are good to you, what aren’t, and sticking to it. Once you find a sweet spot, nourish that relationship between yourself and food.